BJ's Bike Fit Promotion

Bike Fit is important, and now is probably the best time to have it done, if you haven't ever. If you have to make adjustments, you ought to follow them with a period of low intensity riding, which a lot of you are probably doing right now anyway. Plus, you may also be looking at longer-than-average rides, either on the road or on the trainer. A poor fit could make those long slow slogs in the basement even more uncomfortable. Finally, if your perfect fit requires you to slap on a longer stem or seatpost with greater offset or shallower drop bars, a lot of that stuff is more likely to be had on the cheap in the heart of the off-season.

Knowing all of this, BJ shares his thoughts on getting the right bike fit here, and also offers readers the following promotion:

Make an appointment and mention GamJams and get $20 off the cost of setting up a second bike.

Get your race bike dialed in and then setup a trainer bike or a winter beater or cross bike with the same position. 

Email BJ for details or to schedule an appointment.

BJ is a Wobble Naught pro and does his bike fits at his home in Fairfax, VA.  I had BJ set up both my road bikes for last season, and it's made a big difference for me. The fit I cobbled together for myself had me much too far forward, which bent my back uncomfortably and also didn't engage my glutes much at all. The new fit has me stretched out much flatter, giving me better aerodynamics, relieving my lower back pain, and putting my glutes to work, which translates into improved power (and even gives me a little junk in the trunk for the first time ever in my life).

So I recommend without reservation getting a pro fit, and if you're at all convenient to BJ in Fairfax, do consider him.