BJ's Bike Fit Promotion

Bike Fit is important, and now is probably the best time to have it done, if you haven't ever. If you have to make adjustments, you ought to follow them with a period of low intensity riding, which a lot of you are probably doing right now anyway. Plus, you may also be looking at longer-than-average rides, either on the road or on the trainer. A poor fit could make those long slow slogs in the basement even more uncomfortable.

10 Simple Things to Remember when Racing as a Team

This article was first published in 2008

This past weekend, I was working with a team of riders who where preparing for an important local race. As I was writing a pep-talk e-mail, I decided to remind them of all the things that we have been learning the hard way, that we all really already knew but were not putting into practice.

Training Camps: Camping out in the back yard

If budget or schedules don’t allow you to hold a camp at some great location like the Lost River Barn, or head out of town to a packaged camp in the mountains of Virginia or the sweet early season temps of southern California, you can effectively hold a camp without leaving home. This applies to teams or individuals. An effective camp is all about getting in specific training with dedicated time for recovery and rest. Nowhere does it say that you have to sleep in a strange bed to make it a camp.

Training Camps: Prepackaged vs DIY

Prepackaged Camps If you are going to attend a prepackaged training camp and you know when you can go and how much you want to spend, then it's just a matter of shopping around for the camp that best suite your needs and personality. Choosing a camp in an exotic location may meet some of your requirements, but may be too expensive. A camp that may be much closer but meets all of your training needs may be a better way to spend your money and time. It is really up to you. It does not make sense to spend your hard earned time and money and come away from a camp feeling like you learned nothing and did not really get much in the way of training or support.

Training Camps: Have a goal and a plan

The trick to holding an affective training camp or choosing from the many prepackaged camps is to first have a goal for what you or your team wants to accomplish. That goal may be tons of flat steady miles, or hours of climbing or dozens of team work drills. Or it may be to learn all there is about training with power or some other training methodology.  If you have a goal for your camp it will be easier to decide where and when to attend or hold your camp and what how much this camp experience might cost. 

Training Camps: Store bought or home made?

There are lots of ways of doing a training camp. A camp can be as short as a long weekend or as long as a couple of weeks. You can also have a camp that is totally self service or a camp that provides all the services you might need like housing, food, mechanical support and more. 

Training Camps: Not just for pros and big teams

Why not get your racing season off to a flying start with an individual or team training camp? A week or even a long weekend of dedicated training time can take your fitness to that next level and help your team form the cohesive bonds that can make a big difference in any kind of race.

Shopping for a Coach

Choosing someone as your coach can be the same as finding a new dentist or car mechanic. You want to find someone who you can trust to have your best interests in mind, who knows enough and has the experience to guide you through your training and racing year so that you show up at your key events as fit as possible. When it comes to shopping for a coach or coaching group to work with, there are a few key things that I think are important and a few misconceptions that should also be noted.

An Open Letter to my Coach, BJ Basham

Dear BJ-

You and I have been working together for over a year now. I think I've been fairly responsive to your suggestions, followed your training plans with reasonable accuracy and determination, and I've represented you well with improvements to my fitness, technique and strategy, as well as with some decent placings this year.

In addition to being a good client, I'm also your teammate. We wear the same colors and even compete in some of the same fields. And beyond that, I also thought that by now BJ, you and I were friends.