Racing Tips

Ride Sally Ride

Another new course on the calendar. This is either a good sign that there are new and untapped resources for race courses or a bad sign that there is yet another industrial park in the DC area. Either way, we get to race so that is always good.

The course looks pretty safe in terms of obstacles. The surface is smooth and the corners are wide. Something I noticed also was that two of the three turns have a natural speed checking pitch just before the turn which means that most everyone should be able to make it around without wearing out the brake pads.

MP Murad Road Race

I hate to sound like a broken record, but this course is not selective. The hills are not long or steep enough to make a big difference if no one is willing to take a chance and put in the attacks. For most categories racing, the distances are not super daunting either. Again, it will need to be the riders who make the race.

BikeJam / Kelly Cup

Big race for the DC Baltimore area. Pro teams are here for the NRC points and everyone else is there for the festival and fast fast racing.

Southern Maryland Criterium

The 1st annual Southern Maryland Criterium. Great name for a race. Hopefully we can do what we can to ensure a second and third annual race as well.

1 mile
11 turns.
150 meters from the last turn to the finish line.

The turns on this course will be the biggest obstacle other than the other riders in your race. Getting through smoothly and avoiding doing 11 sprint intervals per lap will allow you to conserve your energy.

Fort Ritchie Criterium

This is a new course on the MABRA program. Joe did have a race at Ft Ritchie about 6 years ago, but I think that was on the base and all I remember from that was the tank that pulled on the course during one of the races.

This course looks totally exciting and similar to Reston with plenty of speed and lots of corners. Richmond has the "Go Fast Turn Left" races and we have the "Go Fast, Turn Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, chicane Left, Hard Right" race at Ft Ritchie. So what does that mean to the riders who want to win? Lets look at the course in pieces.

Poolesville High School Road Race

The famous dirt road "classic" of the MABRA calendar.  There is about a mile of dirt road on this course, and it is a major obstacle, but there is also the whole rest of the course to deal with.

Carl Dolan Memorial Circuit Race

The Carl Dolan Circuit Race at the Columbia Gateway Center has been going on so long it's become a MABRA classic. We originally raced the other direction on this course, but only for one year and the race was called something else back then.

Jefferson Cup

Note: This article was first published in 2007

The Jefferson Cup Road Race, the sign that the new racing season has arrived.

This race is held on a classic loop road couse with plenty of ups and downs and one longer steeper climb to keep you honest.

The roads are usually slow (rough) which can make it a job to even sit in on some sections, and the hills are not long but enough to chew you up if you do not ride smartly.

UMD President's Cup

Note: This article was first published in 2007

“.70 miles with 3 90 degree turns, a tight technical chicane and wide open finish…” That is what the flyer says and this is what you should be reading into it:

Boonsboro Time Trial

I love this course!!!
This course hates me!!??

I've ridden well on this course and I have died on this course and most memorably, I flatted twice at nearly the same point two years in a row on this course.

The Boonsboro TT is your basic out and back course with one steep climb on the way out and a nice downhill section to the turn around. By the way, the turnaround is at the bottom of a pretty steep hill, which means you scream down the hill, break hard and then start climbing. On the way back, the climb is a lot longer, basically uphill to about 5 miles to go.