Leonardtown Criterium

Another MABRA classic. This race has been around for years, give or take a few. The town is great and the course is challenging.

There are only 3 real turns on this course, and two of them are fairly basic 90 degree turns with wide roads. The third turn (actually the first) is what makes this course the favorite of some and the not-so-favorite for others.

Mount St. Mary's University Criterium

From the description and aerial photos on MapQuest, this course looks fairly easy. That means that the callenge will come from the riders. Sometimes a course that is not selective can result in a race that is very selective.

There are basically 4 corners on this course, even though only one is actually a corner. The rest look to be nice broad curves. They can still do a good job of letting a rider or riders get out of sight of the field and make good an escape.