Client Testimonial: Chris Hardee

BJ and Peaks Coaching Group took me, in a few months, from being a perennial top-10 finisher to a race winner. Before working with BJ, I thought I knew how to train. I had been racing successfully for years, but just below the level I thought I was up to given the limited time I have available, and I had no reason to question my training. I just thought it was a question of time on the bike. But BJ proved me wrong. In the somewhat limited time I have to train, BJ's training regimen produced major peformance gains by focusing on the essentials necessary to race at a high level.

Client Testimonial: Diane Harris

I've been racing bikes for the last 7 years and each year have struggled to improve to the point where I'm competitive with the other racers in my category. I'd tried joining the local fast group rides, the fast training rides, the regular club rides, with some improvement but not enough to get me where I thought I could be. Always, my goal during these rides was to hang on as long as I could before getting dropped.

Client Testimonial: Evelyn Egizi

BJ has been my coach for several years and coaches many Artemis team members. After recently becoming a USAC Level 2 coach myself, I find that BJ's methods are solid. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I have TOTAL confidence in his ability and recommend him to many without hesitation.

Because of his willingness to help and knowledge, I have recommended BJ as a coach to many of my teammates. BJ has gone the extra mile to accommodate us, as a team, as well.

As a bike fitter, BJ has fit me to my many bicycles so each one fits just like the other!

Client Testimonial: Jason Walters

When I started with BJ I was a category 2 rider and new to a power meter. With a full time job and a family my goal of becoming a competitive category 1 rider seemed difficult. Within a short time working with BJ we quickly isolated my weaknesses and proceeded to make huge gains. In my first season with BJ I had enough points to upgrade to a category 1 which was my ultimate goal. Season 2 only added on more gains and I not only raced competitive in NRC and Pro/1 stage race events, but was invited to race on a Pro Am composite team for the Nature Valley Grand Prix Stage Race.

Client Testimonial: Jeffery Schnur

A good coach is constantly riding the dividing line between being too hard or too easy, between being a controlling force or a guiding influence, between being a dictator or your best friend. Every trainee a coach has in their stable of talent, reacts to inputs differently. Some need gentle reminders, some need major league motivation, and still others a firm push. Some need all of the above from time to time.

Client Testimonial: Matt Cooke

Here is my story and I think it may help you in the end. I was a full time pro triathlete flying all over the world and racing the worlds best. After a 4 month training block in Australia I came back to the US with high hopes and all kinds of confidence that I would hit the big time. I had those dreams dashed when I injured my knee for what would be the last time. This had been the upteenth time my legs had been injured from running and I had had enough. I rehabed for one month and switched to cycling.

Client Testimonial: Michael Ahlers

I would not be riding today if not for fitting services by BJ Basham.

Road cycling hooked me in 2004, but I quickly developed knee problems. Joint pain prevented me from working hard enough to make significant progress. In early 2007, walking became misery and I was nearly ready to quit. I tried many remedies and had been "fitted" several times, but they did nothing. Finally, I was advised to try Wobble Naught.

Client Testimonial: Ralph P.

In working with BJ, I have become both a faster rider and a smarter rider. He's looked at my abilities, my objectives and developed training plans that have really improved my power output. He's made sure I understand the training process, the objectives of the various workouts and how to ride them, and, very importantly, when to bail because I can't hit target wattages and continued effort is no longer productive. He's always accessible to go over specific questions, dig into those general 'something doesn't feel right' concerns, and adjust workouts as needed.